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Знаете ли Вы как перевести "сухарики с изюмом" на английский язык? Если Вам интересно, то приглашаем Вас на нашу страничку!

Здесь мы будем делиться современными вариантами перевода на английский язык таких слов, как "матрёшка", "дача", "бублики" и много другое. 

Если у Вас есть слова, которые Вы не знаете или сомневаетесь как перевести, do not hesitate to ask and comment.

Here's the first word "Сухарики с изюмом" that you will have a hard time searching for the right translation. 

One of the most popular translations is "a cracker". However, when you google (or yandex:)) the pictures you won't see the biscuits so familiar to Russians.

You will also come across "croutons" that are actually used for Caesar Salad and can be added to soups. 

As for biscuits, we are more interested in a word that means sweet, crunchy and oval-shaped pieces of "батон". 

Let me introduce... 

Biscotti /bɪˈskɒti/ = twice-cooked. They are twice-baked, oblong-shaped, dry, crunchy, and dipped in a drink.

Modern biscotti recipes often contain nuts (almonds, pine nuts and pistachios or hazelnuts) or spices such as anise or cinnamon.

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    Елена Борзенко (Monday, 02 October 2017 08:01)

    Tatyana, обязательно сделаем такой пост. Спасибо!

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    Tatyana (Tuesday, 26 September 2017 10:23)

    And what about "Батон", by the way)))...

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    Инна (Tuesday, 26 September 2017 07:32)

    я недавно прочитала: дача - holiday house

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    Любовь (Tuesday, 26 September 2017 07:31)

    Классно, спасибо.

Let’s look at another Russian word - «Матрёшка».


We are usually taught to say «Matryoshka», which literally means «little matron» and is a form of Russian female first name «Matryona» as well. 


However, it’s not the only way to call it. You can also say a matryoshka doll or just a Russian doll. 

Perhaps, you’ll be surprised to learn that 

in their short-100 year history, these nesting dolls have become a popular souvenir all over the world!

Wooden nesting (stacking) dolls exist now in other cultures too. There are American versions of sport teams, Inuits and Indians. Kazakh, Bashkir, Arabic, and African family sets can be purchased at eBay.com.

Shopping online, it’s easy to find some babushka dolls. There’s also a hostel in the heart of Moscow named Babushka Doll Hotel.


Useful  expressions: 

set of dolls

5-piece set  

folk craft

placed one inside another

decreasing size

peasant girls

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