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Rassokhina Elena Evgenievna (Четверг, 11 Январь 2018 10:48)

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, dear English teachers!
I wish all of you a lot of joy, good luck, health, wealth and new successes in your work! Why not exchange each other’s ideas and work experience? Please, place your studying and methodical materials on this site for your colleagues to use in their work too. Let’s help each other in our work with pupils and students at the lessons. Then the studying process will be pleasant and easy for everybody!

the English teacher of the technical school of industrial service in Krasnoyarsk

Dear colleagues!
I'd like to represent this video which could be helpful for you too if you work with groups of students acquiring a profession of a cook.
It was the first introductory lesson of the project called "Stop obesity with healthy eating".The students were offered to find the ways of cooking healthy food which helps people to stay fit and healthy and not to gain weight. Team leaders took part in this lesson and they shared their opinions concerning this project and their attitude to healthy eating. They also spoke about their work and their plans for future.
Rassokhina Elena

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